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Tabernacle of Praise Church Assembly of God
in Oxford Ma is holding a Free Clothing Store called “Community-Go-Round” (CGR).
Everything is free.  Clothing for men, women, children, babies.  We are open every Thursday from 4-7 pm.  We are located at 465 Main Street Oxford, Ma.  Our website is  Directions to the church are on the website.  By phone: 508-573-8233

Are you aware that in Massachusetts, the law says you can obtain an abortion “on demand” up to 24 weeks? If this does not seem right to you, please go to our webpage at to sign our petition (located at the top of our menu) and learn what we are doing to try to get the law changed. Life Alliance is a community based, pro-life, grassroots organization which is trying to change legal “on demand” abortions from 24 weeks to 12 weeks as a start.

A petitioner’s bill needs the will of the people to pass through our legislative process!
Here is a complete list, with phone numbers, of our House and Senate leaders. Please reach out to them and ask them to come together and support our Petitioner’s Bill: Hd.3378.

We are urging Massachusetts citizens across the state to call or write and ask for our House and Senate Leaders for support on this bill. The co-sponsor period has passed BUT the legislators can still support our effort by “attaching” a letter with their State letterhead to the current docket and/or numbered Bill, stating they agree with this law change of modifying Massachusetts abortion law.

Let’s change legal, on-demand abortions, in the State of Massachusetts from 24 weeks to 12 weeks on-demand.